Whatever I do. Anything I say Is just fucking useless, pointless. I do all sorts of things that no one ever does. I say things that I mean. I never reach anywhere. Why is this happening to me, why did you forget about me. Why do I never get an answer ?

Why is that all roads always lead to nowhere for me. Why am I so worthless

One more year of nothingness. One more day of waiting for things to just start happening. They say god helps those who help themselves and yet whenever I try to do something to change, nothing happens. Why does this happen to me.
Why is that the one thing that I want the most runs away from me.

The only thing i’m guilty of is giving away my pieces out of innocence hoping that I will be found the way I have always wanted. At the end of the day It’s just my broken self picking up the pieces that I gave away and looking into the unknown. My life truly sucks. All I did was for nothing. I cried for nothing. I was chasing someone who never acknowledged me. I moved places just to be found. I never found my peace. I am broken now and I never wanted it. It sucks.

Quarantine Food Journal

Quarantine Food Journal

I learned cooking during quarantine out of necessity, now I do it as a hobby